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I have been actively pursuing my genealogy since 2010 and have unearthed a treasure trove of information.  Well…at least it is a treasure to me.

The French branch of my family hails from the Nord Pas-de-Calais area where they were coal miners and they came to America to continue to mine coal. They began in the coal fields of Kansas and ended up working the coal fields of Franklin County, Illinois where many of their bodies rest beneath the soil.

One of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn’t pay more attention to my grandparents’ talking about their family history.  As a child, I didn’t find it of much interest, as an adult, I would hang now on every word. If I could go back in time, I would sit at my great grandmother’s kitchen table with my grandfather at my side sipping a cup of strong coffee in a china teacup, a French pastry on the plate and a tape recorder capturing their stories.  They didn’t have much in the way of material possessions but they were rich, indeed.

Strong, dark coffee and coal dust runs deep in my veins.

This is the story and the heritage of my great grandparents, Jean Baptiste Bavier and Sidonie Blond and this research is a legacy gift to my own grandchildren.

C Hamilton


20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m also a Bavier. I live in Connecticut. There are several Bavier’s here and to my knowledge, none of us has looked into our family history so yours is very interesting. I would love to know if our families are connected. I have heard that our ancestors came from Jersey Island off the coast of England.
    Tom Bavier

    • Tom, I haven’t heard of any of our family line coming from England, only France and Belgium. However, I’m still researching and only post the information that I can document. There is a lot of garbage floating around out there on family trees that is unsourced. I may come to find some of the line in England and if I do, you can make sure that I will post it here!

  2. Cindy–there is a gravesite in Highland Park Cemetary in Pittsburg, Kansas for Alodia Bavier. Could she be a relative? I don’t see her name anywhere in the information. Perhaps she was married to a relative. I love your website–thanks for all your hard work.
    Judy Eden

    • Judy, Yes! Alodia was the wife of Fidele Bavier, who was a brother to our great grandfather, Jean Baptiste (John). Her name appears on ship passenger lists in several different ways – Lodie, Elovee, Evodee, Alodee – so I was never really sure how it was spelled.
      Do you have a picture of her gravestone?
      If you look towards the bottom of the Bavier photo page on this website you will see a photo of Fernie Bavier and another of Charles Bavier. Fernie would be the great grandson of Fidele and Alodia, Charles is their second great grandson. Our Jean Baptiste was the baby of the family, his brother Fidele who was the oldest child of Fidele (Sr.) and Angelique Quesnoy was born in 1859 while our Jean Baptiste was born in 1871.

      • Sorry I have been so long in replying. I haven’t looked at your site in awhile. Yes, I do have a picture of the gravestone for Alodia and Fedell. If you want a copy of it, I can try and e-mail it to you.

      • Yes! I would love to have a picture of Fedell and Alodia’s graves and will post the photo here for everyone to see. Thank you so much, Judy. I love gathering information about our ancestors and sharing with our large and extended family. It is amazing how many of our shared kin from throughout the US have found this site and contacted me. Thanks so much for your contribution to our family history!

      • Cindy– I will try to send the photo by e-mail. I’m not a computer wizard but will give it a try. Let me know if you receive it or not.


        Quoting Only God Can Make A Tree :

        Mimi commented: “Yes! I would love to have a picture of Fedell and Alodia’s graves and will post the photo here for everyone to see. Thank you so much, Judy. I love gathering information about our ancestors and sharing with our large and extended family. It is amazing how”

  3. I was recently online researching my great grandfather George Maniez and found him on here and was wondering if there is any other way of contacting you for more history on the Blond family.

  4. Apparently I have the wrong e-mail address for you as it wouldn’t go through. Would you send me your present e-mail address and I’ll try again.

    Judy Eden

  5. Thank you so much for the family tree. I’ve been researching the Quesnoy side of our family after my Aunt sent me the research she had completed. We realized there waas a connect to the Daneaux family name but did not make the connect until I used Angelique Bouton as my great grandfathers correct mothers name. Today you information answered my question with documentation and I passed it along to my aunt.

  6. Hi Cindy,

    I am a Bavier (Charles) in Tucson, AZ. Many times I have tried to follow my ancestry but always hit a dead end fairly quickly as my father never spoke much about his family. Well, from your site, I quickly came across a census record from 1940 listing Henry Bavier and Richard Bavier (son and my father). All the details, line up – my dad’s age, widowed father, Pittsburgh (I always thought PA and never bothered to think or ask that it might be KS). Thank you!

  7. Hi Cindy. Since we have last talk I’ve found a ton of information on Nord and Pas-de-Calais archives relating to family back to 1682! Thanks for the hint to check France for the records. Also I found Geneanet.org very helpful to review other family trees for reference to the relatives I was searching.

  8. my name is Pierre Dagniau. I look for the descendants of henri Daniaux and Zélia Bavier in the USA. You can visit my family tree .
    If you have any information, please contact me on my family website.

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